Thursday, July 12, 2012

Demon in tree manipulates branches to form letter 'J'

Sometimes, it's the letter 'S'; other times, it's the number '8'. Rarely, but when it's not 'S' or '8', it's 'J', as it is in this still frame from a new video made two days ago:
This still frame was taken from the video shown below, which contains the
letter 'J' as formed by a demon using branches from the tree it was hiding in
I wouldn't think much of this ordinarily—in fact, I didn't even notice it until I reviewed this video two days later—but, it always happens on the same and at the same time I capture demons on video, so I know that it's a message, and that it's from them whenever I see one of those three characters formed out of something that wouldn't normally form itself into one of them.
There's that reason, and the fact that, even though you can't see it in the dark, there was a cloaked demon in that tree, and I was pointing the camera at it in the hopes of catching a glimpse of it flitting off into the air or dropping to the ground (not that I would get to keep that for very long, of course).
Demons in tree branches, and demons in the tree themselves (as shown here)—two different things
The number '8' is, by far, the most prevalent character created by demons, and is usually accomplished using power cords or shoestrings, and made by sucker demons, who attach the length of their worm-like bodies to the length of the cord, etc., and then coil themselves into a figure-eight:
This was a botched attempt by a sucker demon to fashion a shoestring into a figure-eight-slash-letter-S design, which is the moniker of the hobgoblin demons, the upper echelon of demon society 
Sucker demons don't just coil into any old figure-eight, but sometimes intertwine cords into an elaborate knot first 
A perfectly symmetrical figure-eight, created in under one second (while I blinked) 
A failed attempt to blend a figure-eight with another commonly created symbol called a Triquetra
Sucker demons, when aggressive and angry, will coil power cords right in front of your face, as shown in three videos
SEE | Sucker demons on video arranging and manipulating power cords at Angry Sucker Demons Manipulate Power Cords.
This phenomenon started in late 2006, and continues today in more than just the ways shown here—some of them astonishing and unbelievable. In the kitchen of my apartment at 1211 East Santa Clara Avenue #4, in San Jose, California, you could stand in one location in the kitchen and simply turn your head from side to the other and see almost every letter in the alphabet made out of something—a hook on the wall was the letter 'J', for example.

This kind of planning and effort is typical of demons. Consider the Spectre of Death, who, after visiting my closet three days earlier, arrange a set of coat hangers so that, when viewed from a certain angle—and only a certain angle—and in a certain amount of light, formed his face:
What looked like the Spectre of Death returning to my closet...
...was actually a set of artfully arranged coat hangers
Demonic artwork can also be realistic, as shown by this combination of a power strip, light and shadow, which forms Scratchen's eye:
"Scratchen's eye" can be seen in the recesses between the bed and shelves at the foot of the bed

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