Friday, June 22, 2012

PHOTO GALLERY | What a hobgoblin demon looks like

Hobgoblin demons are short, black-cloaked demons with white faces that look like masks (but, in actuality, aren't). There are two varieties: the ones that show their faces, and the ones that don't. Only the red glowing eyes of the latter can be seen inside the dark recesses of their hoods; they are also the meaner, deadlier variety of the two (for more information on this type of hobgoblin demon, read Jawa-like demons with glowing red eyes).
Hobgoblin demons, which look like evil Jawas, conceal their faces when on a mission of war
Hobgoblin demons stay cloaked, and move outside of regular time, specifically, faster (too see what this looks like, watch Demonic Peep-Eye, which features a demon that moves faster than normal time, just like a hobgoblin demon). This means that you will rarely see one with the naked eye, and, if you do, it's only a glimpse.
At 3311 Princeton Way #5 in Santa Clara, California—a minor hub of demonic activity
Their cloaks can only be breached by photographing light reflecting from their bodies, which must be bent by motion in order to be seen (read more about Nature of demonic cloak revealed). Normally, this is accomplished by accident, and usually when a video camera is being panned and a hobgoblin demon just happens to be in the picture and moving, as well.
At VMC Hospital at 750 Bascom Avenue in San Jose, California—where demons conduct medical experiments
In fact, that is how all of the photographs of hobgoblin demons were made (i.e., while the camera and the hobgoblin demon were in opposite motion).
From Intruder Attacks at 471 East Julian Street in San Jose, California—the nexus of demonic activity
Hobgoblin demons are almost always the instigators and overseers of all demonic attacks. A perfect example of this is the hobgoblin demon detected in one of the frames (shown above) from the Demonic Intruders Attack video. In that video, it can be heard instructing two other demons to, "Pick him up," referring to me, of course, and my unconscious body.
A hobgoblin demons springs from a portal in the floor and goes through one in an adjacent wall
They also have the most powerful magic, which works sort of like "mojo." My belief and experience suggests that the black tar-like smoke that hits you when a hobgoblin demon works its magic on you decides what bad happens to you next, and that it's not necessarily up to the hobgoblin demon who cast it at you. I do know that it requires motion on the part of the target to work. So, you can temporarily ward off any ill effects from getting hit with hobgoblin demon magic by simply not moving; however, because the magic doesn't wear off quickly, you may have to move at some point while it could still do damage.

The consequences, then, vary:
A pole mounted on a rooftop bent down and knocked me on the head after being hit by hobgoblin-demon magic
More injuries can be seen Other injuries since '06 and Demon fighting injuries.

Not only do hobgoblin demons cloak, but they also blend with similar looking objects. They even move in motion with said object, just to stay out of sight. In the case below, a hobgoblin demon moves with my hand as it passes in front of the camera, in part, because the shape of the side of my hand was nearly identical to the profile of its head (read more on this particular type of demonic camouflage).

Hobgoblin demons are world-renowned, and a Google search for stories of black- or brown-cloaked entities invading sleepers' beds corroborates much of what is written in this blog.

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