Sunday, April 22, 2012

HOME | Demonic plan to oust me from new apartment backfires on roommate

The Voices Demons have railed against the fact that I have a roof over my head, and am in loving possession of my cat, Scratchen.

It has been their oft-stated goal to render me homeless, at all costs; and, last night, was their latest attempt to oust me by police intervention. The story, as posted on Google+:
A crazed Victor Salazar, my new--but soon-to-be former--roommate, burst through our chain-locked front door tonight in a fury of explitives, as if the demons plaguing every corner of the house weren't enough.
His excuse: he doesn't like the front door to be locked. He said that it was immature of me to use it, and that no one is going to rob us. 
As his tirade continued, which consisted of more ranting, further raving, and the occasional lunge preceded by a fighting stance, I called the cops. 
Long story short: the cops make him leave the apartment for the night, and the landlord, who mysteriously shows up out of nowhere, asks me to leave permanently. 
As that was the plan anyway, I'm happy to oblige.
There's definitely more to this story; but, for the first time since all of this began, I'm going to move on without investigating things.
The hitch in their plan to rile me up and then call the cops is, happened when I stayed calm and called 911 first, just as I was taught by an anger management instructor, who is quite aware of the demon problem in San Jose, and is therefore privy to their tactics; basically, I didn't react in any way negative, as the demons and others had hoped, and which could have resulted in my arrest, but, instead, when my roommate burst through the door, busting the chain lock in the process, yelling expletives, throwing things and charging at me as if he was going to hit me (I could tell he was working up the nerve).

The chain lock was destroyed when my roommate suddenly
(and inexplicably) kicked our front door open last night
Instead, I stayed as calm as I could, and I simply asked the Santa Clara Police Department to escort him from the premises for the night (versus filing charges, since that is a despicable act, considering that the demonic agenda is intertwined with the penal system in this area).

Still, even while dodging one bullet, I was hit by another: the landlord, who mysteriously and inexplicably appeared while the police were at my apartment, asked me to move out as soon as possible, which was nothing more than what he had planned to do before I even moved in, per the Voices Demons.

NOTE | A scheme to generate a list of incidences that can be used to disparage character has been at work for some time, and is intended for use as a defense against my lawsuits, as well a use in future criminal proceedings. The landlord's request immediately follows the eviction from my last apartment, which was not only unlawful, but unwarranted (an appeal has been filed, and a judicial council review for misconduct is planned).